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TCM hospital new-buildings expansion continues in Jida


Updated: 2021-10-25

Guangdong TCM Hospital Zhuhai in Jida will be further expanded this year to provide 1,200 patient beds and comprehensive medical treatment, education, and scientific research services by mid-2024. 

The second phase of construction will lead to a comprehensive TCM medical center on the west bank of Pearl River Estuary and integrated traditional Chinese & Western Medicine Emergency Treatment Center. The agreement to upgrade TCM capacity (now full at 700 beds) in two phases was approved by the city government in October 2020. It calls for the old campus west of Jingle Road to be renovated and upgraded. 


Rendering of upgraded Guangdong TCM Hospital Zhuhai [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

Construction of four buildings in the first phase commenced in September 2021. Scheduled to finish in June 2022, the renovated outpatient and inpatient buildings will have floorage of 20,000 sqm (5 acres). 

Encompassing floor space of 85,000 sqm (21 acres), Phase II includes a 99.9-m-tall (328-ft) integrated traditional Chinese & Western Medicine Emergency Treatment Center, according to Yuan Shaoying, vice president of the hospital. In addition, a three-story parking lot under the new buildings will allow the hospital to provide about 700 parking spaces, Yuan added. 

The demolition of State-owned houses on the project land lot started in March. Occupants were given choices of monetary compensation, house replacement, or a combination of compensation and replacement. 

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