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Autumn rice brings photographers to Doumen's villages


Updated: 2021-11-09

Late-ripening rice is fragrant in the golden fields of Doumen's Dachikan and Xincun villages as harvest-time attracts tourists and especially photographers.

Among them are 35 photographers from the Zhuhai Young Photographers Association taking pictures on 2,000 acres of Xiaochikan village's picturesque rice fields. Not only that but harvesters shuttle back and forth collecting the ears of rice. Farmers heave bags of grain-filled rice onto trucks, smiling happily over the good harvest.

The late-harvest rice will continue to be collected until the end of this month.


High-quality late-ripening paddy rice varieties are grown on 30,000 mu (2,000 hectare, 4,942 acres)


Vertical view of the golden rice paddy fields

640 (1).jpg

Farmer takes a path in the paddy field

640 (3).jpg

Rice dries in sunshine


Doumen rice production nears full mechanization


Rice production in Doumen will be completed by late November [Photos courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

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