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Zhuhai regulates how to respond to health emergencies


Updated: 2021-11-26

Standards for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and overall improvement in Zhuhai's ability to handle public health emergencies will take effect Dec 1.

Regulations on Preparedness for and Response to Emergent Public Health Hazards of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone were released at a Nov 24 press conference. They prescribe emergency command authority, emergency planning and response procedures, epidemic monitoring and early warning, epidemic reporting and notification, prevention and control, material support, personnel isolation, group protection, and other measures on how Zhuhai deals with public health emergencies.


Press conference [Photo by Cheng Lin / Zhuhai Daily]

The regulations clarify legal grounds for emergency monitoring and preparation, health supplies, subjects of responsibility, and joint prevention and control. Of note is that a "whistle-blower" can report directly to higher levels of authorities in case of emergencies.

A Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao joint control and prevention operation will safeguard the normal exchanges of residents and economic and social development of the three regions, according to Xu Chaolong, director of the Zhuhai Health Bureau.

Compilation was undertaken by the Zhuhai Health Bureau during a year of research, soliciting opinions, discussions, and experience in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementation will combine national and provincial requirements, guidance, and advanced practices taken by cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Zhang Chen, deputy mayor, said the regulations would improve Zhuhai's capacity in handling public health emergencies in an all-round way.

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