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Cultural Palace, Chronicles Center prepared for workers


Updated: 2021-12-08

The Zhuhai Workers Cultural Palace and City Chronicles Center buildings have both been furnished and grounds are being landscaped in anticipation of opening next August at the eastern corner of North Yingbin and East Meihua roads, New Xiangzhou.

They are both designed for the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to "serve the workers and enrich the cultural life of Zhuhai's workers with diversified cultural, educational, leisure, and sports functions."


Project rendering [Photo courtesy WeChat account: cnhuafag]

Staff at the Workers Cultural Palace will provide legal and other assistance to employees in need. The building contains a Labor Movement Hall, Industrial Achievement Hall, Employee Calligraphy & Painting Hall, and has theaters, concert halls, rehearsal rooms, ball stadiums, e-sports arenas, and more. Its floor area consists of 30,000 sqm (332,917 sqft) in three floors above ground and a basement parking garage.

The City Chronicles Center is seven stories high with a basement. Floorage of 20,000 sqm is for comprehensive exhibitions, conservation and research of historical and cultural collections, promotion and education of revolutionary and traditional Chinese culture, academic exchanges, and regional consultations.

The two buildings cost 550 million yuan ($86.35 million) and occupy 23,000 sqm (6 acres). They have combined floorage of 70,000 sqm (753,474 sqft), of which 50,000 sqm (538,196 sqft) are above ground and 20,000 sqm (215,278 sqft) are below. Their location is nearby the Zhuhai Media Group Building complex consisting of high-rises, talent apartments, and schools.

The next phase involves soft furnishings, office installations, and exhibition design, according to Huafa Group Zhuhai Hualing Construction Engineering, the building contractor.

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