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Sanzao test center lifts South China new-energy industry


Updated: 2021-12-16

New-energy automobile industry clusters in Zhuhai and South China now benefit from the opening of the only national quality center in the region authorized to fully inspect power battery motors.

The facility can conduct 124 test items on traction batteries, electrical drive systems, and charging piles with 185-million-yuan ($29-million) in advanced equipment. It cost 429 million yuan ($67.4 million) to build and is located in Qingwan New Energy Industrial Park of Zhuhai International Energy Harbor (Jinwan), Sanzao Town.

In addition to laboratories, the buildings contain a new-energy industry incubator, restaurants, science and technology exhibition and lecture halls, large-scale conferences and other support facilities, and underground parking lots.


Dec 14 Tour made in Zhuhai's NEV power battery testing center [Photo by Wu Changfu / Zhuhai Daily]

Zhuhai is developing a 100-billion-yuan ($16-billion) new-energy cluster by 2025 and already has upstream, middle, and downstream enterprises in the sector. For instance, in the motor automotive field, Zhuhai Guangtong Vehicle, Yinlong New Energy, and ZTE Zonson Smart Automobile are complete vehicle manufacturers near Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport.

The National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Traction Batteries and Electrical Power Drive Systems Used in New Energy Vehicles (Guangdong) was accredited by the Certification & Accreditation Administration of PRC (CNCA) in October after on-site reviews. 

Laboratories simulating seawater immersion and salt mist can test charge-discharge and corrosion resistance performances of batteries in special environments such as driving by the sea or into the water. Hidden dangers due to battery extrusion in traffic accidents can be simulated in the collision laboratory. By inserting electronic runners into laboratory equipment, abnormal charging piles can be tested under different amounts of motor power.

Now the city offers R&D, testing verification, and quality supervision services for new-energy-vehicle enterprises and those with electric drive systems. Samples previously had to be sent to Chongqing, Shanghai, or other domestic cities. Companies have been looking forward to such testing since October and the center will be open to individual services in the future, according to Jiang Liqin, chief engineer of Zhuhai Supervision Testing Institute of Quality & Metrology. 

Zhuhai International Energy Harbor (Jinwan) is also expected to incubate high-tech companies and bring new vitality to Zhuhai's high-quality development.

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