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Jingshan Mt trail opens the year from reservoir to beach


Updated: 2022-01-04

The coastal view toward the east of Zhuhai can be admired from new heights now that the sea-view section of Jingshan Trail has opened from Jida Reservoir atop the mountain to Jingshan Park and City Balcony on the shore.

Promoted as an ideal place for locals to start the new year, the 2.4-km (1.5-mile) section joins the 2.5-km (1.6-mile ) Park-Necklace and 3.5-km (2.2-mile) Banzhang Mountain-hugging segments. From west to east, the 8.4-km (5.3-mile) trail links up New Yuanming Palace, Macao Return Memorial Park, Jida Reservoir, Bailiandong (White Lotus Cave) and Jingshan parks, and City Balcony tourist attractions in downtown Gongbei and Jida of Xiangzhou District.


Sea-view section of Jingshan Trail [Photo by Zhu Xi / Zhuhai Daily]

The new section is entered on Ji'ning Road near Jida Reservoir from which a visitor will encounter six distinctive sightseeing platforms with reservoir, lake, and sea views. A round trip walk to and from City Balcony usually takes an hour and 15 minutes. 

Fire-prevention pipes beneath the entire trail provide a fire barrier and dousing source. Meanwhile, forestation of the south side of Banzhang Mt presents multiple layers of vegetation and protection from typhoons and pests.

The trail is open free of charge from 7 am to 6 pm for a limited number of visitors. Make reservations on the WeChat mini program "珠海景山道" (Zhuhai Jingshan Dao). Visitors should take public transport or go on foot inasmuch as the nearby parking lot is not yet open.

Parking spaces will be available at Jida and Gongbei upon Jingshan Trail's full operation. The lots will also serve as venues for public cultural activities and provide extra spaces for nearby businesses and residential areas during workdays.



Mountainside trailway has views and hi-tech services

The Banzhang mountain-hugging walkway in Gongbei and Jida is taking shape with cityscapes, park scenery, sea views, and "smart" services in place along 8,553 m by the end of 2021.


China's first 'smart' hiking trail opening by month-end

The park-necklace section of the Banzhang Mt-hugging trail in Gongbei and Jida, also known as China's first "smart" hiking trail, will open to registered visitors for free by month's end.


Jida branch of Jingshan Trail opens soon with sea views

The Jida sea-view section of Jingshan Trail will be opened to visitors by July, six months after a Gongbei segment and three months ahead of the entire mountainside walkway.

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