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Haibin Park


Updated: 2022-01-26


Haibin Park on Xianglu Bay & Beach with Fisher Maiden statue off the peninsula and Jida in background

A wide-ranging variety of horticulture, including trees from other countries and seasonal flowers, and a host of entertainment facilities are skillfully placed throughout Haibin Park in downtown Jida of Xiangzhou District.

Free for all ages as a refuse for relaxation and amusement, Haibin Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zhuhai snuggled in greenery and harboring the Fisher Maiden statue. Easily accessible from either South Haibin Road or Lovers Avenue, the park is adjacent to Xianglu Bay & Beach and is only 5 km (3 miles) from Macao.

Visitors can feed the koi fish, fly kites, jog or stroll around or even paddleboat upon the pond. Those on family outings can also choose amusement rides, dodgem cars, and children's playground.

To celebrate its fourth decade, the public garden was upgraded in mid-2019. Eight silver date palms and esthetic landscape stones now decorate the main entrance on Haibin Road, while 20,000 sq m (5 acres) of open space have turned the landscape into a "green oxygen bar." Black swans, geese, and ducks gliding on the waters of the central pond contribute to the ambiance.


Central pond with paddleboats and waterfowl [Photos by Ye Qiuming, Shen Yang & Xiong Weijian / Zhuhai Media Group]

The north entrance of the park, just a short walk from City Balcony, has been refreshed while a "fishing village garden" has been added near Lovers Avenue and the seaside park's Hushan (Tiger) Mt was newly landscaped to welcome the 2022 Spring Festival. 

A gabion (stacked bundles of rock) wall, Haibin Park logo, flower paths, and scenic stones have also been placed at the north entry to create a "colorful, exquisite, and modern entrance landscape."


Rendering of wave-shaded benches [Photo by Wu Changfu / Zhuhai Daily]

The fishing village is a small amusement park with fishermen sculptures, wave-shaped leisure benches, and shell sketches. The surroundings are dotted with colorful pebble belts, fish-shaped landscape lights and other landscape elements, demonstrating the historic fishing culture of Zhuhai. 

108 South Haibin Road, (Haibin Nan Lu), Jida, Xiangzhou District

Buses 2, 3, 3a, 4, 13, 20, 26, 43, 69, 206, 605, and get off at Haibin Park (海滨公园) stop


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