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Zhuhai train stations, airport handle holiday rush smoothly


Updated: 2022-02-10

Zhuhai Intercity MRT stations dispatched 81,000 passengers and received 86,000 travelers from Jan 31, Chinese New Year's Eve, to Feb 7, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, during what is known as the "golden period" of the Spring Festival travel rush.

Strict anti-COVID-19 measures were applied at the train stations considering the current pandemic outbreak in several other domestic cities. Infrared thermometers are set up to monitor passengers' body temperature and a 5G "smart" platform is installed to check their health codes and nucleic acid testing results.


Passenger check-in at Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaiairport]

Facilities including elevators, toilets, and gate machines are sterilized every four hours and the train platforms are fully disinfected after finishing daily transportation works. Free masks are available at convenient service sites at the entrances, exits, and waiting lounges.

Passengers heading towards Beijing are required to present negative nucleic acid testing results within 48 hours of departure, green code on the Beijing jiankangbao APP, and travel history. 

In addition, the passenger throughput at the Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport from Jan 31 to Feb 6 stood at 61,000. The airport conducted 627 passenger flights with a normal operation rate of 99.35 percent. 

Passengers who have traveled to Shenzhen within the past 14 days are required to present negative nucleic acid testing results within 48 hours of boarding the plane.

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