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Quaint Heyuan Garden will 'inherit' Doumen's traditional culture


Updated: 2022-03-03

Construction on the Heyuan Garden of Jiexia Manor is expected to start soon and be completed in March 2025, adding a museum, commercial streets, a resort hotel, and a wetland park to Zhuhai's Doumen district.

Spanning a land area of 74,985.63 sq m (18.53 acres), Heyuan Garden is located west of Doumen Avenue and north of Nanmen Road, and will be connected to Jiexia Manor on the west.


An artist rendering of Heyuan Garden of Jiexia Manor [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

The garden is designed to be a high-end tourism destination with quaint characteristics. Elements of ancient Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan, and Lingnan (Cantonese) architectural styles will be integrated in the garden, while domestic traditional building methods like Dongyang wood carving, Quyang stone carving, as well as Hebei copper carving will be applied.

Its commercial street will feature a cultural and creative bookstore, cafes, tea houses, wine shops, as well as high-end restaurants. The wetland in the park will cover an area of over 48,000 sq m (12 acres) and the museum will boast over 500 pieces of collections in floor area of over 1,000 sq m. An underground parking lot will provide 750 spaces.

The garden has been listed as one of Zhuhai's major construction projects in 2022. Design of the project was finished last September, with the review of construction drawings currently underway, according to a person in charge of the constructor Zhuhai Jinrun Tourism Development.

Located in Doumen's Nanmen Village, Jiexia Manor exemplifies the imperial culture of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). It also has a village site from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), which features both traditional Chinese elements and western styles. 

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