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Doumen hiking trail upgraded with better facilities


Updated: 2022-05-19

After two months of upgrading and renovation, Phase I of the Wuzhi (Five-Finger) Mt hiking trail in Doumen's Lianzhou Town recently opened to offer visitors a better hiking experience.

Located in Lianjiang Village, the entrance to the 800-m (875-yd) project is near Shuangding Bay. Granite of different sizes forms steps all the way up and wood-like concrete guardrails are installed along the trail to complement the surrounding natural scenery. 


Hiking trail on Wuzhi Mt in Lianjiang Village [Photo by Liao Mingshan and Yu Haoran / Zhuhai Daily]

Four square pavilions, namely Muye, Fanghua, Fuyun, and Lanyue, have been built on the mountain. Billboards are also set up in the pavilions to enable visitors learn more about the village, which has been designated a Guangdong Biological Model Village and Guangdong Tourism-Featured Village. 

On the top of the mountain stands a viewing platform with 360-degree viewing telescopes to give visitors clearer views of the picturesque scenery.

Phase I of the project also included work like weed removing and adding stone benches for relaxation. Construction of Phase II will start soon to set up automatic gate machines with a facial recognition system at the entrance. 

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