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Macao vehicles passing Hengqin Checkpoint up 50% since Sept


Updated: 2022-05-23

The total amount of Macao single-license vehicles crossing the border via Hengqin Checkpoint exceeded 500,000 on May 17 since the establishment of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin in September 2021, up about 50 percent year-on-year.

As of now, Hengqin Checkpoint has inspected 950,000 Macao single-plate vehicles since Dec 20, 2016 when the first batch of such vehicles was approved to enter Hengqin. The exit-entry quota of Macao single-license vehicles has been increased from 400 in 2016 to the current 10,000.


A policeman at Hengqin Checkpoint inspects a Macao single-license vehicle crossing the border [Photo by Cheng Lin and He Tianyang / Zhuhai Daily]

The safe, efficient, and convenient business environment has attracted a growing number of Macao residents to work, invest, and live in Hengqin. To serve them, a highly efficient "joint inspection, one-time release" mode has been adopted to cut customs clearance time down to 30 seconds. The checkpoint records more than 7,000 border-crossing visitors and over 2,000 single-license vehicles from Macao every day. 

Su Xin of Macao Kin Fung Construction noted that it only takes him 20 minutes to travel from his home in Hengqin to the workplace in Macao, which is very convenient. 

Measures have been taken by Hengqin Checkpoint to facilitate border crossing for Macao single-license vehicles, such as optimizing vehicle lines, upgrading hardware and software systems of inspection channels, allowing vehicles and trucks to use the same lanes, as well as improving the drivers' information reading mode with a swipe card reading system.

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