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Camping in Jinwan a Dragon Boat Festival holiday option


Updated: 2022-06-01

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday falls from June 3 to 5 this year, and Jinwan District, where modern buildings integrate with nature, is a nice place for camping.

A number of leisure sites like Jinshan and Central River Wetland parks have been built in the nearly 3.8-sq-km (939-acre) Jinwan Aviation New City, offering vast space for setting up tents.

In Jinshan Park, open lawn blends with spectacular cityscapes like the Jinwan International Business Center, the tallest building in Zhuhai’s west wing, casting a huge shadow over campers in the park. In Jinhu Park, the magnificent scenery of mountains, lakes, and seas is integrated with the carefully designed park landscape, with Hengqin visible across the sea.


Campers enjoy themselves on the riverside of Central River Wetland Park [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

The slow flowing river brings fresh air, along with open grassland, creating a first-class camping environment in Damenkou Wetland Park. People can also enjoy canoeing or take a train ride around the park.

In addition, professional camping sites are also available to save the trouble for campers.

Yeye Nongkeng Valley Campsite, near Feisha Village, offers various experiences of lakes, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, and parking camps. It is also one of the few outdoor campsites in the city where one can clearly see the stars.

The "Chenxiang Town" Camping Base in Hongqi Town has also become popular for its nearly 20,000-sqm (4.9-acre) open space and abundant activities, while Sanzao Dashiwan Mountaintop Campsite offers the unique mountain and sea landscapes of Jinwan.

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