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Zhuhai Avenue expansion project ready by 2023


Updated: 2022-06-07

Work on Hezhou Tunnel, a key node of the Zhuhai Avenue (Zhuhai Bridge-West Niwanmen Bridge section) expansion project, is proceeding smoothly. Upon completion in 2023, it will lead the dual eight-lane main line of Zhuhai Avenue to go under the Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway without traffic lights and increase traffic efficiency of the east-west artery. 

Currently, 35 percent of the excavation work on the 645-m (705-yd) tunnel has been finished, while slab concrete pouring has been completed on three of its 16 parts as of June 2 since construction began in March. The main structure will be ready by mid-2023 to make way for final touches, such as greening. 


Rendering of Hezhou Tunnel [Photo by Li Jianshu / Zhuhai Daily]

In addition, the two-way six-lane auxiliary roads of the tunnel will connect ramps of the Jiangmen-Zhuhai and Hezhou-Gaolan Port expressways.

The Zhuhai Bridge-West Niwanmen Bridge section of Zhuhai Avenue will be expanded into a two-way 14-lane road, except for the Niwanmen Bridge. Once operational in next year, its main line will have a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h (62 mph), while that for Hezhou Tunnel is 80 km/h (50 mph). 

The project also includes construction for overpasses, bus-only lanes, and slow traffic systems. Upon operation, Zhuhai Avenue will connect with the future Zhuhai Tunnel to increase commuting efficiency between Zhuhai east and west wings. 



Drilling on Zhuhai Tunnel to start in August

Installation of the cutter head on the super-large-diameter slurry balanced shield machine "Kaituo" began May 28, which will be used to start drilling of the Zhuhai Tunnel by the end of August.

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