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Attention! Drop-off site at Zhuhai Airport relocated


Updated: 2022-06-09

The temporary drop-off site of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport's Terminal 1 was put into use on June 6. It is located on the first floor north of the original drop-off site, which is currently closed for construction.

Passengers arriving at Terminal 1 can hail a taxi or take airport express lines at the new drop-off site. Those using car hailing services or their own cars parked at Parking Lot 5 can also take the free shuttle bus at the site. 

Another drop-off site on Terminal 1's second floor will be closed in July due to construction of the airport comprehensive transportation hub. Vehicles, including private cars, taxis, as well as buses, may have to drop off passengers on the first floor.

For further information, visitors can contact the airport hotline at +86-756-7771111, follow the WeChat account zhuhaiairport, or visit the airport's official website and Sina Weibo account.


Departure lounge of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport [Photo by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

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