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Crape myrtle trees decorate Doumen with romantic purple


Updated: 2022-06-17

Giant crape myrtle trees (lagerstroemia speciosa) in Doumen have now entered full bloom, decorating the district with bright purple blossoms. With the florescence lasting from May to July, the beautiful flowers look like swallowtail butterflies spreading their wings on the branches. 

To date, Doumen has planted nearly 1,000 giant crape myrtle trees around the district, including at Xidi Road, Gongye Avenue, as well as Jianfeng Mt Forest, Xidi, and Qiaobei parks. They not only add charm to the area, but also absorb harmful gas and reduce dust. 

In addition, more than 30,000 crape myrtle trees (lagerstroemia indica) at the plant base in Lianzhou Town's Sanlong Village are expected to enter full bloom in around two weeks, creating a 130-mu (21-acre) sea of flowers. 


Blooming giant crape myrtle trees by the rice paddy fields create unique and charming countryside scenery in Doumen


A woman takes picture of the flowers with her phone


Giant crape myrtle trees planted alongside Xidi Road absorb harmful gas and reduce dust [Photos by Liang Songhui and Lu Xianghui / WeChat account: meilidoumen]

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