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Five Hezhou industry 5.0 spaces will rise by 2023


Updated: 2022-06-23

Hezhou New Area has laid out plans for five industry 5.0 space projects that will start construction in the third quarter of the year and are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Intelligent Manufacturing Center near the north gate of the Zhuhai FTZ will be the first project to start construction. The other four projects are Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Logistics Park, as well as ones built by the State-owned enterprises Huafa and Gree groups, and Hengqin New Urban Center.

Bidding for the Intelligent Manufacturing Center's foundation pit support engineering project began on June 15, while the demolishing of old buildings on the land lot started four days later on June 19. 

Huang Wenyan, chairman of Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Construction & Development, said that the 14,300-sq-m (3.5-acre) project will cost 370 million yuan ($55 million) and have floorage of 67,000 sq m (17 acres).


Rendering of Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Intelligent Manufacturing Center [Photo courtesy WeChat account: gh_f42262a5613d]

The project will include two new buildings. In addition to basic equipment and production workshops, it will also include unloading platforms, large cargo transfer platforms, as well as logistics cargo transfer warehouses.

Customized design services are available for enterprises intending to lease the factories based on preliminary research. The 7.8-m-high (2-ft-high) first floor of the factory will bear a load of up to 2 metric tons per sqm, while the span between each column is 10 m (11 yd), meeting enterprises' demands and reducing their renovation expenses. 

Preliminary investment attraction work focusing on the electronic information, biomedicine, and artificial industries has been initiated, with the goal of building a new production base that features bonded trade and smart manufacturing elements. As of now, the project has reached cooperation agreements with a variety of enterprises.

Focus on the industrial demands of life sciences and biotechnology, next-generation information technology, as well as high-end smart manufacturing, the area will finish construction on 600,000 sq m (148 acres) of new industry 5.0 space to provide strong support for the development of its real economy, according to the Hezhou's preparatory group. 

Hezhou will take an active part in undertaking the transfer of high-end elements from Hong Kong and Macao, as well as promote the aggregation of outstanding enterprises, technologies, and talents. 

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