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Blossoming lotus flowers add to Doumen's rural charm


Updated: 2022-06-28

Lotus flowers are blooming at Doumen parks and villages through August, with the fresh fragrance they emit being a summer gift for visitors and shutterbugs.

Huafa Aquatic Villa Provincial Wetland Park

At the ticket-free wetland park off Zhufeng Avenue in Jing'an Town, 12,000 sqm (3 acres) of lotus flowers are now in full bloom. The best season to admire the beauty of lotus flowers is from June to August, while the best time of day to see them is in the morning, according to a staff member. 

Paishan Village

A lotus pond located around 50 m (55 yd) away from the village's archway also allows people to get a close look at lotus flowers with free admission.


Two women take pictures of the charming lotus flowers with their smart phones


Visitors admire the blooming lotus flowers at Huafa Aquatic Villa Provincial Wetland Park


An aerial view of a lotus pond at Paishan Village [Photos by Liang Songhui and Zhang Lin / WeChat account: meilidoumen]

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