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G105's main line to resume traffic in October


Updated: 2022-06-29

Renovation on the main line of National Highway G105 (Gudu Avenue leading to N Mingzhu Road) in Qianshan is expected to be completed in October to facilitate Xiangzhou motorists heading toward Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway and Zhongshan's Sanxiang Town.

As of now, 1.3 km (.8 miles) in asphalt paving of the main line's west part has been finished since the comprehensive upgrading project began in April. Milling has been completed on 3.8 km (2.4 miles) of the 60,000-sqm (15-acre) road surface, accounting for 80 percent of the work.

A dual eight-lane artery for Xiangzhou District, Gudu Avenue handles heavy traffic from nearby logistics bases and industrial development platforms like Sanxi Technology & Innovation Town, which caused many problems to the road surface and impacted the traveling experience.


Aerial view of the G105 national highway [Photo by Li Jianshu / Zhuhai Daily]

The 4.9-km (3-mile) section of National Highway G105 from the intersections of Nantan Road and Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway is included in the project, in which cracks and road depression will be dealt with by asphalt paving. The east two-lane auxiliary road will reserve space for non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, while a rainwater collection system will be created.

In addition, the Xianghai Bridge and its branch line is expected to open before the 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China), which will take place at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center in Jinwan from Nov 8 to 13. National Highway G105 is almost parallel to the branch line and is connected to it via several entrance and exit ramps.

Further works of the project, such as construction of sidewalks and central green belts, will be completed in January 2023. Its east auxiliary road and sidewalks will open to the public in June 2023, according to the constructor Zhengfang Group.



Gudu Ave upgrade to serve Xiangzhou Tech-Innov Town

​National Expressway G105 (Gudu Avenue leading to N Mingzhu Road) will be upgraded to carry more traffic and better serve the industrial demands of Sanxi Technology & Innovation Town in Qianshan.

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