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Jingshan Trail extends opening hours for the summer


Updated: 2022-08-01

The sightseeing platform offering bird's eye view of Macao in the Garden section of Jingshan Trail has extended its closing time to 10 pm from the previous 7 pm starting from July 30, offering a nice place for people to cool off in the summer.

Of note, those visiting the sightseeing trail at night need to enter from Banzhang Mt Forest Park in Gongbei. Reservations shall be made in advance on the WeChat mini program "珠海景山道" (Zhuhai Jingshan Dao). Visitors are advised to take public transport or go on foot due to the lack of parking spaces in the nearby areas.


Night view of Jingshan Trail [Photo/WeChat account: zhtqb12345]

The 10-km (6-mile) Jingshan Trail runs from west to east, connecting New Yuanming Palace, Macao Return Memorial Park, Jida Reservoir, Bailiandong (White Lotus Cave), and Jingshan Parks, as well as City Balcony tourist attractions in downtown Gongbei and Jida of Xiangzhou District.

It is divided into the Garden, Mountain View, and Sea View sections.



Jingshan Mt trail opens the year from reservoir to beach

​The coastal view toward the east of Zhuhai can be admired from new heights now that the sea-view section of Jingshan Trail has opened from Jida Reservoir atop the mountain to Jingshan Park and City Balcony on the shore.

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