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Zhuhai performs well in environmental rankings in H1 of 2022


Updated: 2022-08-08

Zhuhai performed well in various environmental rankings in the first half of 2022, officials of the municipal Ecological Environment Bureau announced during an Aug 4 press conference held by the Information Office of the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government.

The good and fairly good air quality rate of Zhuhai in the first six months of 2022 stood at 96.7 percent, ranking ninth among 168 major domestic cities. The city's overall air quality index (AQI) this June was rated as excellent throughout the month, while its average densities of PM 2.5 decreased to 8 micrograms per cubic meters (µg/m³), ranking first among 168 major domestic cities.


Aug 4 press conference [Photo by Liu Jiacheng / Zhuhai Daily]

The water quality of five State-controlled water sections in Zhuhai have been rated as Grade II level, while all 15 water functional areas throughout the city have reached the water qualification standards, which is higher than the national and provincial assessment targets.

Nine centralized drinking water sources, including Dajingshan, Yangliao, Zhuxiandong, and Qianwu reservoirs, all reached the water qualification standards, while 29 out of 47 near-shore State-controlled sea water sections achieved a good and fairly good water quality rating.

Increasing efforts have been devoted to the decontamination of the Qianshan River, which led to the constant improvements in its water quality. Ding Jianghua, chief engineer of the Zhuhai Ecological Environment Bureau, noted that water quality monitoring of 24 outfalls alongside the Qianshan River is performed every month, while 24-hour monitoring is now being applied at the Shijiaozui Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Station.

In terms of acoustic environment, all functional areas in Zhuhai have reached the control rate of ambient noise in the January-June period during the day, while the compliance rate in the evening was 85 percent. 

In addition, Zhuhai has launched a series of measures for air pollution prevention and control. The city is now moving forward the treatment of 220 major enterprises, with 22 of them under key volatile organic compounds (VOCs) supervision having completed in-depth treatment.

Liang Mingshi, deputy chief of the atmospheric environment management section of the Zhuhai Ecological Environment Bureau, said that attention has been paid on the major areas of Jida, Qianshan, Doumen, and Tangjia to carry out a series of targeted measures to ensure air quality, especially measures related to PM2.5 and ozone control.

The bureau has released the 2022 Priority Task List of Air Pollution Prevention and Control to move forward the treatment of 220 major enterprises. Meanwhile, 63 enterprises under key supervision and management have finished examination and grading certification, making up 61.9 percent of the total in Zhuhai. 

Of note, the bureau will fully push forward the construction of environmental infrastructure to achieve a balance between high-quality economic growth and high-level ecological environmental protection. 



Zhuhai air quality tops 168 major domestic cities in H1

Zhuhai has topped the 168 major domestic cities in terms of overall air quality in the first six months of 2022, according to statistics from the Ministry of Ecology & Environment.

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