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7 Zhuhai Hi-Tech Zone enterprises named national 'little giant'


Updated: 2022-08-18

A total of 22 Zhuhai enterprises were placed in the fourth batch of the National Specialized, Elaborative, Characteristic, and Emerging "Little Giant" Enterprise List, according to the Department of Industry & Information Technology of Guangdong Province. 

Among them, seven are located in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, such as CYG Electric, Naruida, Coligen, and Zhuhai iSmartWare Technology, ranking first in Zhuhai in terms of the entrees' number this year.


Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone [File photo by Wu Changfu / Zhuhai Daily]

The Specialized, Elaborative, Characteristic, and Emerging "Little Giant" refers to those industry-leading small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that possess core technologies, strong innovation capabilities, large market shares, as well as high profitability. The distribution of these enterprises showcases the development vitality of regional SMEs. 

For instance, CYG Electric has been dedicated to grid security for 36 years. Its monolithic prefabrication technique in high-voltage and large-section cross-linked cable accessories now leads globally. 

Naruida is currently the world's only enterprise who has acquired the core technology in fully-polarized multifunctional active phased array radars and achieved industrialization operation. 

As of the end of 2021, 37 enterprises in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone have been rated as national, provincial, and municipal "Little Giant" enterprises, of which, four are at the national level and 26 are at the provincial level. 

The Hi-Tech Zone's Technology & Industry Bureau arranged three promotion fairs for local high-quality SMEs this June, attracting representatives of over 130 enterprises. Seven of the 11 applicants have succeeded in acquiring the national title, while 79 others have applied for the municipal title, with the results coming out in November. 

The bureau will further optimize service mechanisms to accelerate the cultivation of "Little Giants," while relevant preferential policies will be released to offer subsidies. It is expected that the Hi-Tech Zone will add 35 such provincial "Little Giant" companies this year.

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