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Lingjiaozui Curve Tunnel to be fully connected in November


Updated: 2022-09-20

The east passage of the Lingjiaozui Curve Tunnel in Jida was drilled through on Sept 9 and construction on its west passage is currently underway, with it expected to be connected in November.

The tunnel starts from Haibin Park in the north and ends at the parking lot entrance of the Haibin Beach (City Parlor) Service Center in the south. The east and west passages form a two-way four-lane road stretching 340 meters (372 yd).


Rendering of Lingjiaozui Curve Tunnel [Photo courtesy Guanhai App]

Upon operation, the tunnel will increase the traffic efficiency of the Lingjiaozui Curve section of Middle Lovers Avenue, while the peninsular hairpin curve will be restricted to pedestrians, cyclists, and slow tourist buses.



Design sought for hairpin bypass beneath Haibin Park

Proposals are being elicited to design access lanes and a tunnel that will run under Haibin Park to bypass the hairpin curve and Fisher Maiden on Lovers Avenue in Jida.

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