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Xianghai Bridge's main line fully connected


Updated: 2022-09-27

The entire Xianghai Bridge is now fully connected as the last eight precast beams on the main line of its Tanzhou section were installed on Sept 25. 

Construction for the asphalt pavement on the last 3-km (2-mile) section and installation of traffic mechanical and electrical equipment are underway. The hardware part of the bridge's construction is scheduled for completion in mid-October. 

The L-style Xianghai Bridge stretches 29.8 km (18.5 miles) from the Tanzhou Interchange on the Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway to Huxin Road in Doumen District. Its main and feeder lines will connect with expressways such as the Jiangmen-Zhuhai and Guangzhou-Zhuhai West expressways and urban roads like West Renmin Road, Jinqin Express, the National Expressway G105 (Gudu Avenue), and South Huanzhou Road in Zhongshan's Tanzhou Town. 


Construction site of Xianghai Bridge's Tanzhou section [Photo by Chen Ying / Guanhai App]

Once the bridge is operational, drivers will pay 0.6 yuan (9 cents) for every km to cross it. The toll station for its main line will be set up in Zhaoxing while those for its seven feeder lines will be set up at various locations such as the Zhaoyong, Lixi, Meihua, Mingzhu, and Zaobei interchanges. 

The Xianghai Bridge will cut down travel time from Doumen to Xiangzhou to 15 minutes, contributing to the establishment of a "3060" urban commute circle, which will allow drivers to travel to downtown Zhuhai within 30 minutes and between east and west Zhuhai in 60 minutes during peak hours. 



Construction of Xianghai Bridge, Xingye Expressway make progress

​The channel bridge of Xianghai Bridge over the Modaomen Waterway's main shipping lane was connected on July 21 after six hours of pouring 160 metric tons of concrete.

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