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Travel notice during National Day holiday

(Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office)

Updated: 2022-09-30

I. Residents who travel shall follow guidance on COVID-19 prevention and control, learn in advance about destinations' exposure risk to the virus and epidemic prevention measures, and adopt protective practices along the way. When boarding flights, high-speed trains, trains, inter-provincial coaches, and inter-provincial boats in Zhuhai, residents shall hold a negative PCR test result within 48 hours.

II. The health management measures for inbound travelers, including taking two COVID-19 tests within the first three days upon arrival, shall be implemented. Those from other cities (excluding Zhongshan's Tanzhou Town and Sanxiang Town) shall conduct health declaration on the "健康珠海" (Health Zhuhai) WeChat applet before arrival, and voluntarily report their health information to community committees, employers, and hotels after arrival. During the first three days, they shall conduct two PCR tests and avoid non-essential travel and social gatherings. Travelers with a travel history to medium- and high-risk areas and cities with locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and who are exposed to positive cases on any public transport vehicles or at any venues shall  immediately report to the community's "working group of three" and implement corresponding health management measures.


III. Passengers, truck drivers and self-driving tourists from other cities shall take a free PCR test at railway stations, coach terminals, and expressway service areas after arrival.

IV. The following measures shall be strictly implemented: wearing a mask, taking temperatures, scanning venue codes, and checking health and travel codes. A 24-hour negative PCR result or a sampling proof is required for admission to beauty salons, massage and spa centers, chess clubs, mahjong parlors, cybercafes, bars, KTV, fitness clubs, amusement arcades, escape game rooms, role-play studios, and hotels. A 48-hour negative PCR result or sampling proof is required for admission to theaters, cinemas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, hair salons, indoor tourist attractions, and other enclosed venues. Attendance in scenic areas and tourist sites shall not exceed