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Jinwan, Doumen welcome policies for high-quality growth


Updated: 2022-10-12

Jinwan and Doumen districts in the west wing of Zhuhai will be built into new development engines with outstanding innovation capacity, high-end industries, excellent resources, in-depth industry-city integration, and strong influence according to the recently released opinions on supporting the rapid development of the west Zhuhai area and turning the area into an engine for high-quality development formulated by the Zhuhai municipal government.

The west Zhuhai area is positioned as the core area of a national comprehensive transportation hub, pilot zone for industry-city integration, pioneer in high-quality economic development, and new urban living area with a pleasant ecological environment.


Jinwan Aviation New Town [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

Short-term goals were unveiled, with the overall strength of west Zhuhai expected to significantly increase and industrial transportation services strengthened by 2025. The area's economic aggregate is expected to be doubled to gradually minimize the development gap between the city's east and west wings. The industrial output value of west Zhuhai will exceed 800 billion yuan ($111 billion) by 2025, accounting for no less than 50 percent of the regional GDP.

By 2035, the development levels of west Zhuhai will be close to the city's east wing. The economic aggregate of west Zhuhai will account for around 50 percent of the city's total and its permanent resident population will make up for more than half of the city's total.

Major industrial platforms, such as Fushan and Sanzao Science & Technology industrial parks in Doumen, as well as Zhuhai Gaolan Port Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in Jinwan, will be further cultivated.

An innovative ecosystem with more attractive policies, stronger industrial competitiveness, and better talent safeguard mechanisms will be formulated. West Zhuhai will also have more autonomy and policy support in cultivating educational and medical talents. Of note, teachers and medical staff members working in Doumen and Jinwan will have priority in professional title assessment, as well as in receiving training and further education.

A comprehensive three-dimensional multi-layer transportation system will also be built in the west wing, offering strong support for the area's high-quality growth.

The area will have a road network density of 6 km (4 miles) per sq km by 2025 and motorists will be able to reach urban express roads within 15 minutes. Construction of Zhuhai (Hezhou) Hub Station will be accelerated and the mileage of the regional rail transit will reach 200 km (124 miles) by 2035.

In addition, the renovation and expansion project of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport will be moved forward with a new checkpoint. The airport's annual passenger throughput is expected to exceed 19 million by 2025. Gaolan Port will open more international shipping routes, while Doumen Port is set to be a coastal hub port through renovation and upgrades.

High-quality public resources will be aggregated in the city's west wing, while a batch of international community living facilities will be built in the central area of west Zhuhai, Hezhou High-Speed City, Fushan Industrial New City, and Pingsha New Town.

Local schools are encouraged to carry out more exchanges and communications with prestigious schools and education institutions at home and abroad to launch more flexible cooperative school running modes. New schools will be built in the two districts to enroll 16,900 kindergarten students, as well as 52,000 primary and middle school students. 

Guidance will be available for medical service institutions in Jinwan and Doumen to establish long-term cooperation relationships with domestic and overseas high-caliber medical education institutions to introduce high-end medical resources, such as famous doctors and hospitals, to the two districts. The research and development of new medical technologies will be accelerated, as well as their application and promotion.

More community health service centers will be built to increase basic-level medical service capacity, with 2,430 patient beds expected to be added by 2025.

One-stop senior service platforms will be established, while experiences in the construction of children-friendly communities in Jinwan District will be further duplicated across west Zhuhai to make all communities in the area children-friendly before 2025.

Twenty measures, covering industry, talents, transportation, services, and industry-city integration, were launched by the municipal Development & Reform Bureau to achieve these goals.

Among them, nine of the measures support the development of the advanced manufacturing, modern services, and distinctive agriculture industries in the west wing, while six are dedicated to improving public services. 

The other five measures include setting up an investment attraction bureau to manage the cultivation and introduction of major industrial projects in west Zhuhai, in which special funds will also be established. 

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