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Bring your pets to enjoy these 9 pet parks in Zhuhai


Updated: 2022-10-14

Zhuhai residents with pets are now able to visit the nine special pet parks scattered in Xiangzhou, Jinwan, and Doumen districts, as well as the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan) from 7 am to 10 pm.

Xiangshan Rest Station Pet Park is located north of West Meihua Road. It boasts a 700-sqm (7,535 sqft) pet activity area that is enclosed by a bamboo fence net. 

Haiwan Garden Pet Park is located near Haiwan Garden in Gongbei. Covering an area of about 1,300 sqm (13,993 sqft), it boasts pet entertainment facilities, hand-washing facilities, garbage bins, benches, and entertainment facilities.

At the 1,000-sqm (10,764-sqft) Qianshan River Pet Park near the Xiawan Road Intersection Bus Stop, the area for pet owners to relax and the one for pets to run around are separated by fences. 

The 1,500-sqm (16,146-sqft) Cuidong Community Pet Park is encircled with bamboo fences and equipped with hand-washing facilities and dustbins. A notice is hung there to guide people to raise pets in an orderly way.


Entertainment facilities in a Jinwan pet park on the grassland north of Zhuhai City Polytechnic [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

The first pet park in Jinwan is located on the grassland north of Zhuhai City Polytechnic. Safety protection rails are set up around the park to minimize the impacts on other visitors. Entertainment facilities for pets to climb and jump are available. 

Doumen District has two pet parks. The first one is set up near the parking lot of Doumen Civic Park, covering an area of more than 1,800 sqm (19,375 sqft), while the other one is in Daxin Riverside Park of Jing'an Town. Spanning 1,300 sqm, it is divided into two areas for both pets and their owners. The pet entertainment area has training facilities for dogs to jump through hoops, play football, and try out the suspension bridges.

The two pet parks in Tangjiawan are located opposite the Yuanda Meiyu residential community and inside Gree Coastal Park respectively. In addition to boasting entertainment facilities for pets, the parks have roundtables and sunshades for pet owners to relax and chat with each other. 



Free play areas for pets now available in Zhuhai

A special play area for pets, spanning over 700 sqm (.2 acres) and circled by bamboo fences, on West Meihua Road in Xiangzhou District is now open for residents with pets.

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