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New Haitian plank road spotlights sea, sky scenery


Updated: 2022-10-18

A 375-m (410-yd) landscape plank road protruding into the sea at the Sea & Sky (Haitian) Rest Station Park opened on Oct 15, showcasing panoramic views of the sky melting into the sea, as well as nearby landmarks like Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park, Zhuhai Opera House, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

Constructed by Zhengfang Group, the east-west landscape plank road is located at the intersection of Phoenix Bay and Xianglu Bay. It extends from the original Haitian Rest Station plank road towards Zhouzai Island on the sea, which is 250 m (273 yd) away from the shore. Its width varies from 6 m (7 yd) to 13.35 m (14.6 yd).


The Z-style landscape plank road at Sea & Sky (Haitian) Rest Station [Photo by Zhao Zi / Guanhai App]

The plank road is not connected to the island due to efforts to protect the original shoreline as the area of the island above sea level during low tide is less than 5,000 sqm (1.2 acres).

Cui Wei, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Zhengfang Urban Construction Management Consulting, said that the Z-style landscape plank road applied cast-in-place beam construction with high torsional rigidity, strong spanning capacity, and high safety standards in its upper structure, while its lower structure used cylinder piers with good mechanical performance to resist typhoons and sea waves.

Haitian Rest Station started operation at the Lovers Avenue-Meihua Road intersection on May 1, 2020 and is equipped with facilities like service stations, bookstores, and pavilions. It has been a demonstrative site of Zhuhai's green belt construction and one of the most popular tourism attractions alongside Lovers Avenue.

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