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Rail laying on Jinhai Ave Bridge well underway


Updated: 2022-11-16

The laying of 2.64 km (1.64 miles) of long rails for the railway part of the Jinhai Avenue Bridge's Modaomen section was completed on Nov 14, with rail laying under the bridge's four main towers currently moving forward. 

The bridge is the world's first and widest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge with both a highway and railway on the same platform. A double-track railway of the Airport Urban Rail Transit Phase II, which has a designated speed limit of 160 kmph (99.5 mph), runs through the middle of the bridge. Three two-way traffic lanes, with a maximum speed limit of 100 kmph (62 mph), run along each side of the railway track.


Workers lay rails on the Jinhai Avenue Bridge [Photo by Li Jianshu and Meng Qinghu / Guanhai App]

The Modaomen section is a four-tower cable-stayed bridge and the section's 2-km (1-mile) railway part is the only ballasted track in the Airport Urban Rail Transit Phase II, ensuring the safe operation of high-speed rails on the long-span bridge. 

Construction of other ancillary facilities of the Modaomen section is also underway, with the bridge expected to meet operation requirements in 2023. 

Upon operation, the Airport Urban Rail Transit Phase II will help increase the passenger handling capacity of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport and together with the Phase I, passengers will be able to travel from the airport to Gongbei in 30 minutes. 



Hengqin-airport rail transit in full swing for operation in 2023

Laying of the first pair of 400-m (437-yd) long rails of the Phase II of the Airport Urban Rail Transit was completed on Nov 5, marking the start of rail-laying for the project.

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