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Zhuhai sees improvements in road traffic management


Updated: 2022-12-19

Zhuhai's traffic police and transportation departments have achieved great results in strengthened road safety control, optimizing urban parking resources, improving road traffic order, and preventing road traffic accidents in 2022. Luo Weixiong, head of Zhuhai's Traffic Police Detachment, made the announcement during a press conference on Dec 15.


Press conference on Zhuhai's road traffic control [Photo courtesy Guanhai App]

As of Dec 12, the number of road traffic accidents of Zhuhai in 2022 went down by 20.57 percent and the number of casualties decreased by 15.31 percent. No sever accidents have occured this year.

Luo also stated that the number of vehicles in Zhuhai as of November 2022 increased by 7.2 percent to 965,000. Of that total, 811,000 are cars.

Zhuhai has maintained orderly traffic operation against the surge in vehicle numbers. As of November, the average traffic index of Zhuhai's downtown area has stood at 1.3, meaning that the average traveling time during rush hours is 1.3 times of that during non-peak hours. This is almost eqivalent to the 2021 index, which was 1.29.

The average number of daiy traffic cases that Zhuhai's traffic police and transportation departments has received has been recorded at around 690, of which 77.6 percent were related to traffic accidents, showing a steady decrease compared with that of last year's figure.

The average turnover rate of parking spaces with parking meters on 151 roads in Zhuhai in August reached 12.52 and those alongside 83 roads achieved an average turnover rate of over 10, accounting for 55 percent of the total roads.

Wu Jianwei, deputy head of the Traffic Police Detachment said that the detachment has been optimizing the layout of parking spaces with parking meters and has gotten rid of 272 spaces alongside 22 roads in the city, with the aim of further increasing the parking space's turnover rate.

Xu Hongwen of the Traffic Police Detachment noted that the detachment will carry out a campaign from now until Feb 25 to ensure the traffic operations during the upcoming Spring Festival remain safe and orderly.

The promotion of traffic security knowledge has long been a priority in traffic security management. Traffic police officers have visited local communities and schools to promote knowledge, contributing to the prevention of traffic accidents and the management of traffic jams. Online media platforms such as WeChat accounts and weibo will also been utilized.

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