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Zhuhai stands out countrywide for intl business attraction


Updated: 2023-01-04

Zhuhai received the title of "Pioneering City in Business Attraction" in the 2022 Analysis Report of Chinese Cities' Overseas Influence, which was released by Cankaoxiaoxi and Xinhua News Agency's News Information Center on Dec 29.

The report stated that Zhuhai, despite being close to cities with higher rates of economic development such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, fully demonstrated its regional economic competitiveness to overseas media.

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Vigorous Zhuhai (shown are Yeli Island with Zhuhai Opera House in Xianglu Bay at far left and Zhuhai Museum on lower right) [Photo by Liang Guanxian / Zhuhai Media Group]

Industry 5.0 spaces, aviation and aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, new infrastructure, information technology, intellectual property, and new consumption have been high-frequency key words used in foreign media reports regarding Zhuhai. In addition, Zhuhai's industrial development trends have become a focal point for foreign media.

The industry 5.0 space projects with modular or customized production factories have incentivized new enterprises to settle into Zhuhai. The city has put forward that more industrial 5.0 spaces will be built from 2022 to 2023 to the size of 20 million square meters (4,942 acres).

As of November 2022, the city has finished construction of 47 industrial 5.0 space projects with total floorage of 10.10 million sqm (2,474 acres) and at a cost of 20.16 billion yuan ($2.93 billion).

"Sky" and "aviation and aerospace" have become two of the most distinctive key words used in media reports when referring to Zhuhai, while the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition has added a unique flavor to Zhuhai's industrial development.

Other key words such as "technology," "electronics," and "manufacturing" have become international labels for Zhuhai, as they describe the city's industrial layout.


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