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Zhuhai Tunnel utilizes 2nd shield machine


Updated: 2023-05-08

The Zhuhai Tunnel construction team pushed forward the tunnel's construction by utilizing
"Fenjin (endeavor)", the team's second super-large-diameter slurry balanced shield machine, simultaneously with its first machine "Kaituo (adventure)" on May 5.

These two 15.01-m (49.25-ft) diameter machines were customized for the project. They take into account Zhuhai's typical silt layers, and will have to drill through the raised bedrock along the sea floor, which measures up to 851 m (931 yd).


Construction site of Zhuhai Tunnel [Photo by Li Jianshu / Guanhai App]

"Kaituo" has now drilled through the level-II water conservation area and the bank off the Xijiang River basin. It is now moving forward with a speed of over 380 m (416 yd) a month.

Once completed, the Zhuhai Tunnel will have six lanes going in both directions and a designated speed limit of 80 kmph (50 mph). The tunnel will run paralleled to the current Zhuhai Bridge, and will connect to Zhuhai Avenue and the Zhuhai Bridge.

It will relieve traffic pressure on Zhuhai Avenue and meet transportation and rescue service demands between the east and west wings of Zhuhai in extreme weather, such as typhoons and rainstorms.

The Zhuhai Tunnel is a key part in the city's plan to streamline its downtown road network, aiming to boost coordinated regional development.

Of note, a temporary road will be set up on the west side of Zhuhai Avenue in June for traffic diversion due to the ongoing construction.



Xianghai Bridge expected to be completed this month

Zhuhai has been devoting great efforts to establishing a fast transportation system that provides motorists access to expressways in 15 minutes and to Shenzhen and Hong Kong in 60 minutes.

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