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Layout for 1st AERO Asia takes shape


Updated: 2023-07-05

The inaugural AERO Asia, as announced in a press conference on June 29, will feature a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters (10 acres) to showcase products from over 140 aviation and UAV industry chain enterprises from nearly 20 countries and regions.

More than 60 aircraft will be displayed, covering areas of general aviation, emergency rescue, emerging aviation consumption, general aviation transportation and operation, UAV industry chain support, and application services.


June 29 press conference. [Photo by Chen Jiazhe and Wang Yige / Zhuhai Media Group]

Shanghai Volant Aerotech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhuhai Airshow China, becoming the first enterprise to participate in not one, but five AERO Asia sessions.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China will utilize the event to showcase its latest outcomes in three areas of general aviation: general aviation products, supporting products for the civil airborne system, and R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Aero Engine Corporation of China will showcase a series of engines that incorporate cutting-edge core technologies, such as the AES100 - China's first self-developed civil turboshaft engine - to show the nation's strength in engine development.

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) products, brought by leading industrial enterprises, will also be highlighted at the event.

Guangzhou-based EHang will bring its EH216-S model to the event. This is the first manned autonomous eVTOL vehicle with two seats to have realized mass production and commercial delivery. This product is also expected to be the first of its kind to pass global inspections with support from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Ampaire Inc, headquartered in the United States and known for conducting the maiden flight of the world's largest hybrid fixed-wing aircraft, will bring its newest aircraft to the event. It strives to provide new aviation solutions for the construction of a comprehensive three-dimensional traffic network.

Sun Jiefeng, general manager of Zhuhai Airshow China, added that prestigious international enterprises such as Bose and Schaeffler Group have signed up for the event, while others including Textron, Bell Helicopter, and Boeing Business Jet have also shown great interest.

Of note, a one-hour flight show will take place every day of the event. The event has invited the Hunan Shanhe Aerobatic Team, the first aerobatics team to use domestically produced light aircraft, along with the European Flyby Knights aerobatic team.

The Ministry of Transport's Nanhai First Rescue Flying Service will conduct simulations of emergency rescues with EC225 and S76D helicopters at the event.

During the press conference, officials also announced that Zhuhai is now one of the areas in central and south China with the most complete general aviation sector and that it has the most concentrated number of related enterprises. This makes the city an ideal choice for the future settlement of general aviation projects.

Ludwig Meier of Germany-based AERO Fridrichshafen GmbH said that Zhuhai has an excellent geographic location, a complete infrastructure for hosting aviation exhibitions, and a beautiful environment.

He expressed the hope that all exhibitors and visitors will also fully realize Zhuhai's advantages during the AERO Asia event.

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