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Zhuhai precooked food industry strives towards high-quality development


Updated: 2023-07-07

China's inaugural industrial conference on equipment for precooked food opened in Zhuhai on July 4, gathering nearly 500 experts and representatives from leading enterprises, sci-tech research institutes, and financial institutes.

The precooked food industry involves primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, playing a pivotal role in the livelihood and economic well-being of hundreds of millions of farmers. In order to further develop the precooked food industry, related enterprises are now embracing new equipment and technologies.

Zhuhai officials have proposed to further strengthen policy support and resource integration, accelerate the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge economic and trade channel, and assist more precooked food enterprises in opening export channels. The city also plans to expand overseas markets and better promote the development of the precooked food industry.

A project signing ceremony was held during the event, including a modern agriculture cooperation agreement between Zhuhai and Baoding, Henan Province.


Plaque unveiling ceremony for the Guangdong Provincial Precooked Food Equipment Industrial Development Association [Photo by Zhong Fan / WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

The Guangdong Provincial Precooked Food Equipment Industrial Development Association unveiled its plaque at the event. The establishment of the association was led by Gree Electric Appliances, and currently encompasses more than 40 membership enterprises, such as Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry and Guangdong Qiangjing Agriculture Group.

The association is expected to focus on the automation and intelligent equipment manufacturing of the upstream and downstream industrial chain for the precooked food industry, aiming to accelerate industrial growth and realize sound and sustainable development.

Several seminars were held during the event, including one focusing on innovation trends in the precooked food industry, and another addressing the integrated development of science, industry, and finance within this sector. 

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