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Regulations give impetus to Zhuhai sci-tech innovation

Updated Regulations to Promote Scientific & Technological Innovation in the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone came into effect Aug 1 promoting sci-tech and institutional innovations and providing strong legal guarantees for innovation-driven development.


Foreign equity funds welcome; green channel for Macao

Zhuhai will open up to more high-quality foreign equity investment with a lower entry threshold, greater supervision, and a green channel for Macao enterprises to help diversify that economy.


Revised rules encourage 'culture of sci-tech innovation'

A comprehensive, three-dimensional, and systematic legal environment will be established for sci-tech innovation, the Standing Committee of the Zhuhai Municipal People's Congress announced June 2.

1.png 2021-05-25

Zhuhai makes it easier for qualified foreign investment

The removal of some restrictions and relaxation of formal requirements have opened Zhuhai to more high-quality private equity investment institutions and foreign investment.

06205a1d-fcf8-4c29-97c2-09f881aab23a.jpg 2021-05-17

City favors manifold steps to encourage private sector

Recognizing 350,000 private business entities as the main engine of Zhuhai's economic growth, the city government has introduced policies to guide, finance, and encourage micro, small, and medium-sized companies.

1.jpg 2020-10-27

Zhuhai fund to enthuse 100b-yuan IC industrial cluster

A 10-billion-yuan investment to support growth of the integrated circuit industry, industrial talent training, and intellectual property protection was unveiled at a city conference Oct 23. 

1.jpg 2020-10-22

Policy established to increase conventions, exhibitions

Growth of Zhuhai's convention and exhibition industry will be promoted with a maximum subsidy of 1.8 million yuan for eligible projects that meet show area, scale, and other indexes.

1.jpg 2020-09-08

Plan intensified for highly productive biomed sector

A 2020-35 action plan to foster a biomedicine industrial cluster producing more than 100 billion yuan ($15 billion) in medical drugs was released by the Zhuhai Industry & Information Technology Bureau on Aug 28.


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