Followers admire sea goddess on Big Wanshan Island

The Wanshan Matsu Tourism & Culture Festival was held April 27 on Big Wanshan Island as numerous villagers and tourists commemorated Matsu's Birthday with parades, lion dances, hearty food, and an auction.


Stars bring charm and glory of Peking Opera to Zhuhai

Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theatre put on a sumptuous evening of Peking Opera spotlighting artists Yu Kuizhi and Li Shengsu on April 19 and 20.


Pak Tai opens door to archipelago cultural enjoyments

The birthday of water deity Pak Tai was celebrated on Wailingding Island on April 7 (the third day of the third lunar month) prefacing the annual Wanshan Archipelago Folk Culture Festival.


Dong'ao honors revered storm forecaster Hung Shing

The virtuous and learned Hung Hei (Hung Shing), who issued forecasts to protect fishermen and traders, was honored March 29 on Dong'ao Island with folk arts, piscatorial customs, and delicacies.


Four Zhuhai relic sites put forth for greater protection

The Guangdong Bureau of Cultural Relics has named four sites in Zhuhai for listing as national key cultural relics protection units.


Colorful and vibrant hardly describe Doumen parade

Local and out-of-town cultural heritages attracted 10,000 spectators to the 15th Doumen District Folk Art Parade kicking off a new year of tourist activities on Feb 17.


Tens of thousands experience history of Tangjiawan

Tangjiawan's historic centers, former residences of celebrities, movie-themed exhibition halls, and other dedicated cultural and historic sites hosted 35,000 visits during Spring Festival.


Doumen to parade traditional extravaganza Sunday

The 15th Doumen District Folk Art Parade will kick off at 9:30 am Sunday, Feb 17, from Doumen Stadium Square on Xidi Road and march down to GoTone Square on South Guangchang St, with 1,500 performers of all ages, 13 matrices featuring 37 themes, and more visitors than ever.


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