Old Tang tombstones taken to museum for research

Dozens of centuries-old tombstones, boundary tablets, and stone tables upon which to offer sacrifices have been sent from Tangjiawan to the Zhuhai Museum for research on burial customs and evolution.


Mexican teens seek Chinese roots from Zhuhai camp

Twenty Chinese-Mexican teenagers began a 10-day tour of Zhuhai on July 7 as a special summer camp opened to give overseas Chinese an opportunity to explore their roots and experience Guangdong.


Delectable dishes added to Doumen's cultural menu

Four traditional culinary delicacies are being applied for eighth-group Doumen intangible cultural heritage items, according to a June 25 public notice on the district website.


Unique festivities set Friday morning on Qi'ao Island

Qi'ao Islanders pay homage in their own special way to the Dragon Boat Festival on June 7 and show their role in this weekend’s China Cultural & Natural Heritage Day.


Six-month promo of cultural heritages begins June 8

China Cultural & Natural Heritage Day on June 8 marks the launch of 37 citywide activities promoting Zhuhai's state, provincial, municipal, and district-level intangible cultural heritages.


Goddess a powerful drawing card for Guishan Island

Despite a heavy downpour, thousands of devout fishermen, visitors, and guests from neighboring islands, Hong Kong, and Macao gathered May 27 on Guishan Island to celebrate the birthday of Tin Hau.


Cultural heritage events slated in each Zhuhai district

Century-old intangible cultural heritages will be cherished and displayed throughout Zhuhai in the days approaching and following June 8 to mark China Cultural & Natural Heritage Day.


Guishan to become island of entertainment for Matsu

Folk art performances, delicacies, and amusing games are in store for the 2019 Guishan Island Country Tourism & Culture Festival when tourists and natives celebrate the birthday of Tin Hau on Guishan Island from May 25 to 27.


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