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Announcement from Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television,Tourism and Sports

In order to protect the health and safety of the people, we hereby notify as follows as per the decision made by the Zhuhai Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters in accordance with the situation in Zhuhai city.


Zhuhai schools suspend offline teaching, training

To further strengthen the Covid-19 prevention and control measures in the schools and educational institutions of Zhuhai, we hereby notify as follows.


Zhuhai suspends all group teaching

Teaching and off-campus teaching services in schools at all levels in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, were suspended on Tuesday, as the city intensified its efforts against COVID-19 infections.

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China shortens centralized quarantine periods, adjusts other guidelines

China has decided to shorten the centralized quarantine period for international travelers and close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases from 14 to seven days, according to a document released on Tuesday.


Notice on Holding Online Reservation Confirmation for Quarantine Hotel Room for Individuals Entering Zhuhai from Macao

Based on the current epidemic situation and the consensus reached by the Zhuhai-Macao Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, to maintain the order of Zhuhai-Macao checkpoint and ensure effective allocation of health management resources for inbound passengers, we notice as follows.


Yuehesuan updated to bring more convenience for residents

Recently, the WeChat mini program "Yuehesuan (粤核酸)" has been upgraded to enable "multi-code scanning", which brings more convenience for residents.


Notice on Adjusting Health Management Measures for Individuals Entering Zhuhai from Macao

Based on the current epidemic situation and the comprehensive assessment, the health management measures for individuals entering Zhuhai from Macao are adjusted as follows.


Warm Reminder: COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures of Zhuhai during May Day Holiday

To strengthen our COVID-19 response during May Day Holiday, build on the hard-won achievements on COVID-19 prevention and control, and ensure a safe and harmonious holiday for Zhuhai residents, we hereby kindly remind you as follows in accordance with the latest notice by Zhuhai Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarter.


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