Business boutique hotel fills niche in Tangjiawan zone

A former factory in Tangjiawan, Tang Yi Hotel is the first 4-star business boutique accommodation to open in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. more


Ferris wheel-movie-shopping mall running in Doumen

Doumen District's first modern urban living plaza integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, and catering, opened at the intersection of Mid-Zhongxing Road and S272 near the Jian'an Bridge over the Huangyang River on Oct 28. more


Xiangzhou soon to open two tennis courts in Qianshan

Tennis-themed community parks Zhongzhu (中珠) and Zhongguang (中广) will open to the public free of charge in November with 20 free courts to popularize the sport throughout Zhuhai. more

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