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G105's main line to resume traffic in October

Renovation on the main line of National Highway G105 (Gudu Avenue leading to N Mingzhu Road) in Qianshan is expected to be completed in October to facilitate Xiangzhou motorists heading toward Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway and Zhongshan's Sanxiang Town. more


Attention! Drop-off site at Zhuhai Airport relocated

​The temporary drop-off site of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport's Terminal 1 was put into use on June 6. It is located on the first floor north of the original drop-off site, which is currently closed for construction. more


First urban expressway in Doumen starts construction

​Construction started on the 340-m TJ1 part of the North Airport Express Road's Doumen section on May 24, marking the first step in the substantial construction of the district's first urban expressway. more

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