Train numbers, one departure time change on April 10

The departure time of Train D7132 will be moved from 8.50 am to 9.20 am and five pairs of bullet trains through Zhuhai Railway Station of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity MRT will have new numbers when a national schedule takes effect on April 10.


Zhuhai honored for guarding health in effective ways

Once again, Zhuhai has been certified as a healthy city that ensures a high quality of residences, the ecosystem, well-being, public health, access to natural resources, and connectedness to cultural heritage.


Design mulled for second terminal at Zhuhai Airport

A second terminal designed for Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport is given the shape of a seabird, has observation decks for Airshow China, and provides vistas of the sea to the east and mountains between it and Sanzao Town.


Damaged median of Zhuhai Ave reappears in flowers

The 9-mile (15-km) median strip of Zhuhai Avenue from Qianshan to the Zhuhai Bridge has been landscaped to bloom year-round with spidery cleome, sunflowers, coreopsis, rapeseed, and Chinese pennisetum.


Big sale on as Wenhua Bookstore looks for new home

Wenhua Bookstore (文华书城Wénhuá Shūchéng) is offering huge discounts through March 21 to celebrate the 26-year history of its first outlet in Gongbei and mark its closing day.


Crossing Yingbin Road promises to become easier, safer

The west part of Yuehua Road pedestrian overpass is to be extended like an arm-stretch-band across South Yingbin Road and the east section of Yuehua.Depending on public opinion, that is.


ZTC campus opens to provide skills for Jinwan industries

Zhuhai Technician College, which was recently renovated in the Jida area of Xiangzhou District, opened a second campus in Jinwan District's Hongqi Town on March 4.


No-fare Hengqin-Macao commuter rides have started

Free cross-border buses began running between Hengqin New Area and Macao on March 1 with up to 24 shifts daily. They can be reserved via the WeChat account of Kee Kwan Motor Road (ID: gh_71d5cbce25c7).


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