Business boutique hotel fills niche in Tangjiawan zone

A former factory in Tangjiawan, Tang Yi Hotel is the first 4-star business boutique accommodation to open in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.


Ferris wheel-movie-shopping mall running in Doumen

Doumen District's first modern urban living plaza integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, and catering, opened at the intersection of Mid-Zhongxing Road and S272 near the Jian'an Bridge over the Huangyang River on Oct 28.


Xiangzhou soon to open two tennis courts in Qianshan

Tennis-themed community parks Zhongzhu (中珠) and Zhongguang (中广) will open to the public free of charge in November with 20 free courts to popularize the sport throughout Zhuhai.


1st community center designed for Aviation New Town

Conceptual design has been completed for the first of three neighborhood centers offering community services in Jinwan Aviation New Town.


Irishman gives Zhuhai hospital his sincere thanks

Paul Horgan, who came to Zhuhai from Ireland more than 15 years ago, went to express his heartfelt thanks on Oct 18 to Dr Chu Jing, Dr He, the nurses, and staff of Zhuhai People's Hospital for their meticulous care and concern when he was an in-patient there late last month.


Patient does well after cancer surgery at Xiawan hospital

Zhuhai's first single-incision laparoscopic radical surgery for cervical cancer has recently been conducted by reputed gynecologist Wang Qingyi at the Zhuhai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine located in Xiawan of Gongbei.


Traditional medicine sent home free (for now) in Jinwan

Zhuhai Hospital of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital (Zhuhai Jinwan Central Hospital) has begun delivering decocted traditional Chinese medicines and prepared slices of herbal drugs to patients' homes.


High-tech zone hospital upgrades status and services

Tangjiawan-based Guangdong No 2 Provincial People's Hospital celebrated the 3rd anniversary of partnering with the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee...


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