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G105's main line to resume traffic in October

Renovation on the main line of National Highway G105 (Gudu Avenue leading to N Mingzhu Road) in Qianshan is expected to be completed in October to facilitate Xiangzhou motorists heading toward Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway and Zhongshan's Sanxiang Town.


Huangmao Sea Channel begins steel structure construction

​General assembly of the G2 section of Huangmao Sea Channel's steel bridge structure started on June 18 at Wuchuan Heavy Engineering Zhongshan Base, with the whole steel structure expected to be completed by the end of 2023.


New hospitals planned in west Zhuhai's Doumen, Jinwan

​New 3A-grade hospitals, a center for disease prevention, and basic-level medical institutes will be built in Doumen and Jinwan districts, bolstering accessible medical services in Zhuhai's west wing.

629f2a6113d58e173e20977a.jpg 2022-06-09

Cutter head for Mangzhou Tunnel's borer successfully lowered

The super-large and super-heavy cutter head of the shield tunneling machine Zhenxing, which will be used to drill the Mangzhou Tunnel in the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, was successfully lowered into a working well on June 6 to prepare for further installation and debugging.

12.jpg 2022-06-09

Attention! Drop-off site at Zhuhai Airport relocated

​The temporary drop-off site of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport's Terminal 1 was put into use on June 6. It is located on the first floor north of the original drop-off site, which is currently closed for construction.

6298b68313d58e173e207e78.png 2022-06-07

Zhuhai Avenue expansion project ready by 2023

Work on Hezhou Tunnel, a key node of the Zhuhai Avenue (Zhuhai Bridge-West Niwanmen Bridge section) expansion project, is proceeding smoothly.

62955a6c13d58e173e20636f.png 2022-06-02

Drilling on Zhuhai Tunnel to start in August

Installation of the cutter head on the super-large-diameter slurry balanced shield machine "Kaituo" began May 28, which will be used to start drilling of the Zhuhai Tunnel by the end of August.

628cd914ea64d14430b04e82.png 2022-05-26

First urban expressway in Doumen starts construction

​Construction started on the 340-m TJ1 part of the North Airport Express Road's Doumen section on May 24, marking the first step in the substantial construction of the district's first urban expressway.


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