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West extension of Xianghai Bridge scheduled to open in 2024

​The steel box girder of Huxin Road Interchange's main-line bridge in the initial section of the West Extension Line of Xianghai Bridge was connected on Nov 26, with all three 16-m (17-yd) girder segments hung in their designated spots.


New viaduct connecting Zhuhai Airport T1, T2 to open in July

​The approach bridges of the viaduct of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport's Terminal 1 were closed for demolition on Nov 21 after 27 years of operation.


Rail laying on Jinhai Ave Bridge well underway

​The laying of 2.64 km (1.64 miles) of long rails for the railway part of the Jinhai Avenue Bridge's Modaomen section was completed on Nov 14, with rail laying under the bridge's four main towers currently moving forward.

12.jpg 2022-11-10

Tunnels of Xingye Express's north section all drilled through

The 12.3-km (7.6-mile) Dajingshan, Yangliao, Jishan, and Tangjia tunnels of the north section of the Xingye Express were fully connected on Nov 5, with the left line of the Jishan Tunnel in Tangjiawan being drilled through that day.

635531b425acd25e97078a0c.jpg 2022-10-25

Jinhai Avenue Bridge connects 400m section near Hezhou Island

​Concrete pouring on the 400-m (437-yd) rigid frame bridge section of the Jinhai Avenue Bridge near Hezhou Island was completed on Oct 21 and the bridge's section over the Modaomen Waterway is moving forward auxiliary facility construction.

6353af15e91b2a123964ac54.jpg 2022-10-25

Yuechong super charging station opens with complete services

​The Yuechong Super Charging Station (Aoyuan) opened on Oct 22 in Shangchong Community with 83 charging piles, making it one of the largest commercial charging stations in Zhuhai in terms of the number of charging piles.

6347b04dd9a793456e7f915e.jpg 2022-10-17

Huangmao Sea Channel makes breakthroughs in pier construction

​The first TY-style pier of the Huangmao Sea Channel Bridge was completed on Oct 13 after more than 10 hours of concrete pouring.

63410757d9a793456e7f54c4.jpg 2022-10-10

Marriage registry opens in Hengqin Cooperation Zone

The Marriage Registry of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, which is located on the fifth floor of Hengqin Grand MixC by the Tianmu River, unveiled its plaque on Oct 8.


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