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Xianghai Bridge west extension to open in 2024

​Motorists traveling on Huxin Road or Shuanghu Road in Doumen will be able to reach Xiangzhous Zaobei in around 20 minutes when operations begin on the initial part of the Xianghai Bridges west extension in 2024, staff members of Zhuhai Communication Group announced on Aug 22.


New express to cut travel time between Hi-Tech Zone, Xiangzhou

​Phase I of Jinqin Express' north extension has recently completed its asphalt pavement and road sign installation work, with final touches like lighting, traffic security, and decoration projects expected to be completed in October.


100th ring segment of Xingye Express' south section installed

​The super-large shield tunneling machine "Xingye" completed drilling a total length of 200 m (219 yd) and installation of the 100th ring segment of the south part of Xingye Express on Aug 10, laying a solid foundation for the project's subsequent drilling operations.

12.jpg 2022-08-05

Upgrading, expansion underway for Guangdong TCM hospital in Zhuhai

​Construction on Phase II of the Guangdong TCM Hospital Zhuhai upgrade and transformation project in the Jida area began on Aug 3.

62e9129e877275025399a9e1.jpg 2022-08-04

Work on Jinhai Ave Bridge's Hengqin Interchange moves ahead

Construction of the substructure of the Hengqin Interchange in the Jinhai Avenue Bridge project, containing piers and bearing platforms, was completed on July 31, while cast-in-place beam pouring has been underway since August.

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Zhuhai MRTs plan to start mass transit operations

​The Zhuhai section of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity MRT and its Zhuhai Airport Urban Rail Transit extension line are expected to start mass transit operations after 12 months of preparation, bringing more transportation convenience to the public.

微信图片_20220722130532.jpg 2022-07-25

Construction of Xianghai Bridge, Xingye Expressway make progress

​The channel bridge of Xianghai Bridge over the Modaomen Waterway's main shipping lane was connected on July 21 after six hours of pouring 160 metric tons of concrete.

62d894fea7eb756334730c64.jpg 2022-07-22

Tunnel linking Zhuhai FTZ, Nanping breaks through

​Both sides were connected on July 20 on the Jiangjun Mt Tunnel, marking a significant milestone for the project's construction. Final touches like mechanical and electrical installation, fire prevention construction, and traffic safety facilities installation are now underway to ensure its opening in June 2023.


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