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Exotic silk floss trees swirl Hengqin corridor with color

More than 4,500 pink, fuchsia-colored, and white floss silk trees are brightening Rest Stations 1 and 2 along the Hengqin Flower Corridor and are likely to remain in bloom until January.


This year's Design Week underscores cities and health

Themed "Lovely Cities & Greater Health," 2020 Zhuhai Design Week will encompass an award, expo, academic exhibitions, keynote dialogues, and exchanges, it was announced at a Nov 20 news conference.


Five high-end hotels will be built on HZMB port island

One of the largest hotel clusters of its kind in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has been contracted for Zhuhai-Macao Port City on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge island.

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Decade of Hengqin New Area displayed at Huafa Mall

The transformation of Hengqin since being established Dec 16, 2009 to support Macao's economic diversification is being exhibited in photographs at Huafa Mall in Nanping through Nov 29.

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Boarded mountain trail opens at Xiangshan Lake Park

A section of Fenghuang Mt hiking trails with commanding views of Xiangshan Lake Park opened to visitors Nov 20.

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Mountainside trailway has views and hi-tech services

The Banzhang mountain-hugging walkway in Gongbei and Jida is taking shape with cityscapes, park scenery, sea views, and "smart" services in place along 8,553 m by the end of 2021.

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Jinwan anticipates 338 cyclists for 9th race this Sunday

Cyclists are expecting breathtaking sea, beach, and mountain views as they speed through tunnels and around bends in the 9th Aviation New Town Cup Road Cycling Race.

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Chimelong debuts crèche of 10 tropic-born penguins

Ten emperor penguin chicks born in Antarctic conditions, but in tropical Zhuhai during June, July, and August, made their public debut Nov 8 at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin New Area.


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