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North Lovers Avenue will extend to Zhuhai-Zhongshan border

North Lovers Avenue is expected to be extended northward to the Zhuhai-Zhongshan border and may connect with Zhongshan's proposed Binhai Road in the future.


Jingshan Mt trail opens the year from reservoir to beach

​The coastal view toward the east of Zhuhai can be admired from new heights now that the sea-view section of Jingshan Trail has opened from Jida Reservoir atop the mountain to Jingshan Park and City Balcony on the shore.


New Year celebrated in new-fashioned ways on Hengqin

​Entertainment sites on Hengqin Island are using innovation and technology to welcome the new year, starting with the "We Walk in Hengqin" light show at Legend Ponto Square.

61b9ad2f5667a5624d39b56b.jpg 2021-12-17

Marriott Lingnan Dadi Delta Hotel takes shape in Doumen

​Delta Hotel by Marriott International has topped off 30 buildings at its first country garden resort hotel in China at the Lingnan Wonderland Eco-Resort National Rural Complex in Lanzhou Town, Doumen. A grand opening is predicted for 2023.

61b1e71f3241aa6bbccdd1eb.jpg 2021-12-13

Haibin Park having new features for the Year of the Tiger

​The north entrance of Haibin Park, just a short walk from City Balcony, is being refreshed while a "fishing village garden" is added near Lovers Avenue and the seaside park's Hushan (Tiger) Mt is newly landscaped.

12.jpg 2021-12-10

Holiday buses will take visitors to vibrant Hengqin trees

A sightseeing bus will make runs between Gongbei Checkpoint and Hengqin Flower Corridor from Dec 11 to Jan 3 for the December 25th celebrations and New Year's Day holiday season.

61ab7d095667a5624d395fb9.jpg 2021-12-07

Design, Science & Life events promote images of Zhuhai

This year's Zhuhai Design Week & Design Trip opened Saturday and continues through year end with 77 online and offline events focusing on urban, industry, and public welfare designs citywide.

61a950bcf3505c20a5aa7cf6.jpg 2021-12-06

City Balcony landmark Section 1 opens for business, fun

​The first of three sections of Zhuhai's latest landmark, City Balcony has opened to the public and consists of a commercial complex, rooftop sightseeing platform, and Shuixiu (water show) Square overlooking Xianglu Bay.


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