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  • 1.jpg More than 100 cultural relics depicting civic life at West Market (Xishi) – an international trade center in Xi'an during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) – are showcased at the Zhuhai Museum through May 10.
  • 1.jpg Zhuhai Central Book City and a likely AlphaLand animation-themed amusement park came under construction Dec 28 west of the Zhuhai Press Building on Yinhua Road in New Xiangzhou.
  • 1.jpg The Gu Yuan Museum of Artis being expanded to accommodate large comprehensive exhibitions and, to reflect its greater role, has been renamed as the Zhuhai Museum of Art.
  • 1.jpg Dancing lions and animated puppets are among 150 Pearl River Delta intangible cultural heritage exhibits being shown at the Jinwan Cultural Center today through Sunday.
  • 1.jpg The All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese has added the Yung Wing Museum to its eighth group of International Culture Communication Bases for Overseas Chinese.
  • 1_副本.jpg Sanzao Oyster Sauce Production Techniques, Chen's Papercutting, Xiaolin Saltwater Songs, and Hongqi Ancient Sugar Making Techniques have been selected as Intangible Cultural Heritages of Jinwan District.
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