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Two-week quarantine automatic for Zhuhai returnees

All inbound Chinese returnees and foreign nationals who have traveled or lived abroad within two weeks prior to their arrival in Zhuhai are required to undergo a 14-day home-based or centralized quarantine.


GD: All overseas arrivals now require quarantine for 14 days

Guangdong Province has tightened measures regarding overseas arrivals to prevent further imported cases of COVID-19.


Epidemic measures more stringent at Zhuhai borders

Anyone arriving in Zhuhai via Gongbei, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hengqin, or Wanzai checkpoints must to undergo 14-day quarantine at home or in designated hotels in efforts to contain the global corona virus disease.

2.png 2020-03-19

GD: Returnees, travelers must cover quarantine costs

As of March 19, people without medical insurance arriving in Guangdong from abroad will need to pay for any expenses incurred during mandatory quarantine.

1.jpg 2020-03-19

Guangdong further strengthens prevention and control of imported COVID-19 cases

Starting from March 19, all inbound travelers with Chinese nationality, and foreign travelers with a history of travel to or residence in 19 countries within 14 days prior to the arrival in Guangdong will undergo a 14-day quarantine.

1.jpg 2020-03-18

All international travelers face mandatory quarantine

Those arriving in Zhuhai from countries abroad all must undergo health monitoring and 14-day home-based or centralized quarantine in order to control the global corona virus disease (COVID-19).

640.jpg 2020-03-14

GD imposes quarantine on arrivals based on these conditions

Guangdong requires a 14-day quarantine on all people arriving in the province from countries and regions with a serious outbreak of COVID-19 and those with a history of traveling to or staying in related countries over the past 14 days.


Guangdong requires 14-day quarantine on arrivals from countries with grave epidemic situation

With the spread of COVID-19 at the global level, Guangdong is taking a series of measures to prevent imported COVID-19 cases and stem the cross-border spread of the virus.


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